Page 79 - Bar Fittings 2021 Catalogue
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  INSTALLING OVERBAR RACKS Most preferred method of ceiling fixing for overbar shelving racks where the existing ceiling is to be fixed to. A robust timber board cut oversize of the racking should be fitted to the ceiling in the exact position that the racking is to affix to. This should be attached to the ceiling joists with adequate fixtures, as shown here. You may wish to chamfer the edges of the timber to provide a more decorative edging. When ordering please specify required length and depth you wish the racks to be manufactured to. Regarding height, this does not have to be precise as we will make all the upright support legs oversize. Your installer can cut the legs on-site to the required drop. These are then secured to the ceiling board with the supplied adjustable sockets.  The Railway Bell - New Barnet. Designer: DV. Architects. Contractor: Colour & Works Ltd.  77 

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