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      64 99 design in stainless steel used at the Roslin Hotel - Southend-on-Sea. Client: Regis Group. Designer: ACS Design Associates Ltd.   SS-99-25􏰀 SS-99-38􏰀 SS-99-51􏰀 99 DESIGN OVERBAR HANGERS FOR GLASS SHELVES Hangers are a popular choice for bars and restaurants, providing attractive as well as functional solution to the storage of drinking glasses. Made in polished brass, satin brass, antique brass, chrome and stainless steel finishes in various diameter tube and made to required heights. Shown here 6 x 99 design hangers in polished brass with fiddle rail and glass shelf. SB-99-25􏰀 SB-99-38􏰀 SB-99-51􏰀 ANT-99-25􏰀 ANT-99-38􏰀 ANT-99-51􏰀 PB-99-25􏰀 PB-99-38􏰀 PB-99-51􏰀 CH-99-25􏰀 CH-99-38􏰀 CH-99-51􏰀  

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