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  95 DESIGN 93 DESIGN 90° SB-93-25􏰀 SB-93-38􏰀 SB-93-51􏰀 SB-95-25􏰀 SB-95-38􏰀 SB-95-51􏰀 To required angle. 94 DESIGN 45° acute SB-94-25􏰀 SB-94-38􏰀 SB-94-51􏰀 135° obtuse FLUSH ANGLES We supply as standard the 93 design a 90° degree flush angle, and the standard 94 design a 45° degree (acute) flush angle. For other required flush angles we manufacture to order the 95 design. Please telephone our sales staff to discuss your requirements.  PB-95-25􏰀 PB-95-38􏰀 PB-95-51􏰀 To required angle. PB-93-25􏰀 PB-93-38􏰀 PB-93-51􏰀 PB-94-25􏰀 PB-94-38􏰀 PB-94-51􏰀  SS-95-25􏰀 SS-95-38􏰀 SS-95-51􏰀 To required angle. SS-93-25􏰀 SS-93-38􏰀 SS-93-51􏰀 SS-94-25􏰀 SS-94-38􏰀 SS-94-51􏰀  ANT-93-25􏰀 ANT-93-38􏰀 ANT-93-51􏰀 ANT-94-25􏰀 ANT-94-38􏰀 ANT-94-51􏰀 ANT-95-25􏰀 ANT-95-38􏰀 ANT-95-51􏰀 To required angle.  CH-93-25􏰀 CH-93-38􏰀 CH-93-51􏰀 CH-94-25􏰀 CH-94-38􏰀 CH-94-51􏰀 CH-95-25􏰀 CH-95-38􏰀 CH-95-51􏰀 To required angle.  48 

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