Page 212 - Bar Fittings 2021 Catalogue
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 PORTHOLES We manufacture portholes in variou finishes and sizes. Please make your selection from the three steps below, then contact our sales staff with your requirements. STEP 1. Choose a size. 250mm dia. 300mm dia. Vision area 150mm dia. Vision area 200mm dia. 350mm dia. Vision area 250mm dia.    Each one is individually made to suit your door thickness, please specify this when ordering.  Clear glass.  Obscure sandblasted glass. STEP 2. Choose a glass. Glass is 6.4mm thickness laminated, in clear or obscure sandblasted finish. If fire rated glass is required this can be supplied at extra cost.  PH-10 design stainless steel portholes 350mm diameter with clear glass for this private residence. STEP 3. Choose a metal finish.  PH-10 DESIGN Stainless steel.  210 

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