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  DF-142 Polished Brass. DF-142 DESIGN KICK PLATES Kick plates available in polished brass, satin brass, antique brass, polished copper, satin copper, antique copper and stainless steel finishes.   DF-142 Polished Copper. DF-142 Satin Copper. DF-142 Antique Copper. DF-142 Satin Brass. DF-142 Antique Brass. DF-142 Stainless Steel.     These kick plates are all cut to your required sizes on order. Some suggested standard sizes are shown below. Please telephone our sales staff to discuss your requirements. 650 x 150 x 1.2mm 700 x 150 x 1.2mm 750 x 150 x 1.2mm 800 x 200 x 1.2mm 850 x 200 x 1.2mm 900 x 200 x 1.2mm  DF-142 design kick plates and specially made push bars for Legends Nightclub - Surrey. Designer: John Breley Associates. Contractor: Modern Conversions.  206 

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