Page 205 - Bar Fittings 2021 Catalogue
P. 205

  DF-137 DESIGN Shown here in antique brass finish. A P C      Tosuit38􏰀tube H PHAC 120 84 70 32 PUSH BAR END BRACKETS These are sold as a complete set consisting of a pair of end brackets and includes the tube or box section cross rail. Available in polished brass, satin brass, antique brass, chrome and stainless steel finishes. Please contact our sales staff to discuss your requirements.   Tube. Please see pages 50 & 51. Box section. Please see page 56.  DF-138 DESIGN Shown here in satin brass finish. A B     P C H PHABC 123 40 60 60 26  Tosuit40x20 boxsection    DF-139 DESIGN Shown here in polished brass finish. A B       Tosuit25􏰀tube P C H PHABC 89 40 45 48 20 3x sets of DF-139 design push bars. In polished brass finish.  203 

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