Page 193 - Bar Fittings 2021 Catalogue
P. 193

  DF-64 DESIGN H494 x W63  DF-65-LH DESIGN H494 x W75 x P65 DF-65-RH DESIGN H494 x W75 x P65  DF-66 DESIGN H400 x W64  DF-67 DESIGN H406 x W70 x P76 (Two shown here)   Satin brass Antique brass  DF-68-LH DF-68-RH DESIGN DESIGN H246 x W52 H246 x W52  DF-69-LH DF-69-RH DESIGN DESIGN H246xW60xP50 H246xW60xP50 Handles and matching push plates are all shown on these pages in polished brass. They can also be finished to order in satin brass, antique brass, chrome and stainless steel finishes.     Chrome Stainless steel 191  

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