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 RIVET PLATES We manufacture rivet plates in various finishes and sizes. Please make your selection from the 4 steps below, then contact our sales staff with your requirements. STEP 1. Choose a metal finish. These are available in polished brass, satin brass, antique brass, chrome or stainless steel finishes all in 1.2mm thickness and natural blackened mild steel finish 2mm thickness. STEP 2. Choose a plate size. The plates are supplied in 2000mm lengths with the heights cut to your required size on order. Some suggested standard sizes are shown below. 30 x 2000mm 40 x 2000mm 50 x 2000mm 60 x 2000mm 75 x 2000mm 100 x 2000mm STEP 3. 125 x 2000mm 150 x 2000mm 175 x 2000mm Choose a rivet diameter from the list below. All the finishes are available in 12mm, 16mm and 20mm diameter in flat or dome head except for the blackened mild steel finish rivets, these are only available in 12mm or 25mm diameter dome head. STEP 4. Choose a rivet pitch. All the rivet plates are available in the following drilled pitches (centre spacings). 50mm centres = 40 Rivets 66.66mm centres = 30 Rivets 100mm centres = 20 Rivets 125mm centres = 16 Rivets 153.84mm centres = 13 Rivets 181.82mm centres = 11 Rivets 200mm centres = 10 Rivets Typical rivet plate sets.   HAVE YOU ALSO SEEN ?   168 Kick plates. See pages 206 & 207. Plinths. See pages 166 & 167.  

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