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 BACKBAR RACKS Backbars are a popular choice for bars and restaurants, providing an attractive and functional solution to the storage of bottles and glasses, as well as featuring as the main focal point of the room. Made in polished brass, satin brass, antique, chrome, stainless steel and natural blackened steel finishes. Over the next pages you will see lots of different standard design styles we manufacture. We also create bespoke designs to suit your individual needs. If you require a quotation, please use the following steps and contact our sales staff with yoiur requirements. STEP 1 Choose a design style that you prefer for your venue and will be most suited to your needs. STEP 2 Let us know the dimensions you require. STEP 3 Specify the metal finish you require: polished brass, satin brass, antique brass, chrome, stainless steel or natural blackened mild steel finish. STEP 4 Once our sales staff have this information we will forward you a quotation for the manufacture of your required rack.  106 

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