Bar Fittings 2017

80 Our talented metal finishing artisans create various colourings in metal plate by treating the surface with traditional heat processes or with chemical patina solutions to achieve wonderful decorative finishes. Please call our sales staff for further information. Please note: Due to the chemical process in manufacture, variations in colour will and do occur. The colours will also change naturally over time and will darken in appearance. SPECIAL METAL FINISHES SMF-10 Burnished Steel. SMF-11 Heavy Rusted Steel. SMF-14 Copper Verdigris. SMF-17 Light Grey Steel. SMF-20 Medium Grey Steel. SMF-15 Tarnished Steel. SMF-21 Mottled Copper. SMF-13 Aged Copper. SMF-19 Light Rusted Steel. SMF-23 Tarnished Copper. SMF-29 Mottled Steel. SMF-31 Dark Grey Steel. SMF-25 Blackened Steel.

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